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Bora Bora
A tiny archipelago in French Polynesia known as the Society Islands which, in addition to Bora Bora, include Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, and Raiatea/Manihi, contains all the ingredients for a perfect tropical paradise. The rich climate brings year-round warm weather, blooming vegetation and a carefree island lifestyle. The influence of the French provides chic restaurants and resorts to satisfy high-class expectations. Thankfully, although great efforts were made by the French colonists to "civilize" the Polynesians and bring them closer to god by banishing their sensual dances and colorful way of life, many of the traditions survived and the residents of the island proudly show off their heritage. In fact you will see many residents in traditional dress and they will often greet you with a "la orana" in their language, along with a tropical flower or two.

Lagoons and rings of coral surround most of the Society Islands. The tropical weather and rich volcanic soil combine to provide a backdrop of lush vegetation and exotic flowers to the sparkling turquoise water. Underwater is a feast of color as well with schools of tropical fish darting in and out of the coral reefs. The shimmering beaches also beckon, while celebrations of the Polynesian culture explode year-round in rhythms of drums, vivid costumes and wild dances. This is truly a vacation dream come true!
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