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Travel Sherpa Keith
Travel Sherpa Keith

Travel Sherpa Keith specializes in personalized, small-group tours to Southeast Asia for people who want to travel comfortably while still being fully engaged with the cultures they are visiting. We want you to feel as if you were traveling independently, minus the drawbacks and inconveniences of traveling alone. With that goal in mind our groups are limited to no more than 10 participants for two very important reasons.

First of all, we firmly believe that a smaller group enables you to have deeper, more authentic, cultural experiences as well as more of them. With the accompaniment of your guide from the US our expert local guides take you to places many travelers miss, to show you the true soul of the countries they call home. The size of our group will never overwhelm the occasion, and you will gain a more intimate understanding and appreciation for the people, places and things that you encounter.

Secondly, smaller groups allow us to deliver the best possible service. Before, during and after your journeys with us you will have a close personal relationship with your US-based tour guide who will be at your disposal to help you with anything from arranging flights, obtaining visas, knowing which vaccinations to get, packing tips, special requests, the ins and outs of a particular region (eg. which places have no ATM's or do not accept credit cards) or anything else that will help make your trip go as smoothly as possible. More like a travel concierge, this person will take care of the details, so that you can focus your time and energy on having the best, most enriching trip possible.

Our goal is for you to have a worry-free experience while also having authentic cultural exchanges that you will never forget.

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