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Whether you long to be told the many fascinating stories of Europe's great landmarks, hear tales of the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, or learn the intriguing histories of other great countries, a Globus vacation will give you the in-depth insights that bring your destination's past to life. Our experienced, Tour Directors create a travel experience for you like no other so you'll walk away from your vacation having been a part of the stories that bring history to life.

And while you're immersing in the historical past, you'll also take pleasure in the present - staying in quality hotels, relishing the must-see attractions and enjoying free time to explore on your own. With over 80 years of experience, there's a reason why Globus is the world leader in escorted travel and also holds multiple "Best Tour Operator" awards from numerous prestigious travel entities. Come explore with us and you'll find out why.
GLOBUS 2021: Enchanting Canyonlands (AM) from $3,519.00 (USD)
If you haven't stood before fairy chimneys or squatting goblins, then you haven't been on a vacation that truly rocks.
GLOBUS 2021: Highlights of Sicily & Southern Italy (LM) from $3,099.00 (USD)
Spectacular scenery combined with fascinating architectural remains and archaeological sites-all of this awaits you on this fabulous 'off the beaten path' vacation through Southern Italy and Sicily.
GLOBUS 2021: Kenya: A Classic Safari with Nairobi (QKQ) from $4,579.00 (USD)
When's the last time you laughed like a hyena? Pack your khakis, greys, and greens and get ready for the ride of your life-or rides, rather!
GLOBUS 2021: Great Canadian Rail Journey with Alaska Cruise (CZI) from $5,665.00 (USD)
Redirect your train of thought on this epic rail journey across captivating Canada.
GLOBUS 2021: Pacific Coast Adventure (AQ) from $2,939.00 (USD)
Set your sights higher than the Space Needle and the redwoods for lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, and ice-smothered volcanoes are just the opening scenes of this west side story.
GLOBUS 2021: Peru Splendors (SO) from $2,469.00 (USD)
Love a good mystery? This eight-day vacation to Peru is the perfect escape to delve into the world's most intriguing lost and found story.
GLOBUS 2021: La France (RA) from $4,079.00 (USD)
You've studied and read about D-Day's Normandy Beaches-now's your chance to visit one of them at Omaha. You've heard about France's famous wines-now's your turn to participate in a wine tasting in Bordeaux country.
GLOBUS 2021: Iberian Discovery & Morocco (ZW) from $2,499.00 (USD)
This fantastic Spain, Portugal, and Morocco tour focuses on the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula.
GLOBUS 2021: Journey Through the Holy Land - Faith-Based Travel (TG) from $2,999.00 (USD)
While you let your body float effortlessly in the seemingly magical waters of the Dead Sea, it's your heart that will soar on this religious tour of Israel.
GLOBUS 2021: Spain, Portugal & Morocco (ZU) from $3,399.00 (USD)
On this Spain, Portugal, and Morocco tour, experience these three glorious countries, each with a rich history and culture! Overnight in Lisbon, Seville, Rabat, Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Erfoud, Fez, Tangier, the Costa del Sol, Granada, and Madrid.
GLOBUS 2021: Spectacular Alaska! (AJ) from $3,509.00 (USD)
From mountains to mammals, everything is bigger in Alaska. In the 20+ hours of summer sunlight a day, even the produce grows to fair-winning proportions.
GLOBUS 2021: Great Sights of Australia with the Outback (PGE2) from $4,089.00 (USD)
Laugh and the kookaburras laugh with you. Cry and the kookaburras still laugh. That's the beauty of a journey to happy-go-lucky Australia where sunny days are accentuated by its even sunnier inhabitants.
GLOBUS 2021: Spectacular Switzerland (ZH) from $2,979.00 (USD)
On this Spectacular Switzerland tour, enjoy stunning mountains and lakes-with overnights in Zurich, Geneva, the Gruyere area, Grindelwald, and Lucerne.
GLOBUS 2021: Kenya: A Classic Safari (QK) from $4,119.00 (USD)
When's the last time you laughed like a hyena? Pack your khakis, greys, and greens and get ready for the ride of your life-or rides, rather!
GLOBUS 2021: Historic Trains of the Old West with Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (NCS) from $3,529.00 (USD)
If the closest thing to time travel is train travel, then you'll love riding the rails into the unspoiled scenic past of Colorado and New Mexico. This off-the-beaten path tour of the U.S.
GLOBUS 2020/2021: Israel Escape (KQCX) from $1,299.00 (USD)
Begin your Israel Escape in Tel Aviv and enjoy a welcome dinner together with your Tour Director and traveling companions. In Jaffa walk around the beautifully restored port-starting point for medieval pilgrimages to Jerusalem.
GLOBUS 2020/2021: Swiss Escape (KHAX) from $1,099.00 (USD)
Your escape to Switzerland begins in the dynamic city of Zurich, where you'll meet your Tour Director and fellow travelers for a welcome dinner served at your hotel. Your stay in Zurich includes an orientation of the Old Town.
GLOBUS 2020/2021: European Escape (KEFX) from $1,499.00 (USD)
On this Escape, you can experience Europe's most popular destinations without the crowds-and even better-without the high-season prices.
GLOBUS 2021: Israel & Wonders of Jordan (QCE) from $3,779.00 (USD)
Israel and Jordan are treasure troves of historical and biblical sites, and on this Israel and Jordan tour, you'll visit the most famous and interesting of them-many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
GLOBUS 2021: Yellowstone Winter Wonderland (AW) from $3,329.00 (USD)
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the peaceful quiet of winter, it's also easier to hear the howl of the coyote, the scream of the bald eagle, and the distinct crunch of elk hooves trudging through the fallen snow.
GLOBUS 2021: Italy's Great Cities (LJ) from $2,679.00 (USD)
What do you want from your Italy tour-amazing architecture, sumptuous food, delicious wine, breathtaking art, historical treasures, and scenic beauty? Whatever it is, this Italy vacation offers it to you! You've seen photos of the Vatican and St.
GLOBUS 2021: Exploring America's Great Parks (AR) from $4,519.00 (USD)
Fetch a pail of wonder on this ultimate bucket list vacation to six western states and the country's most popular parks, memorials, and monuments. Grand Canyon. Grand Teton. Yellowstone. Mt. Rushmore. Arches. Bryce Canyon. Zion.
GLOBUS 2021: Southern Charms (NG) from $2,379.00 (USD)
Sweet tea and the sea. Magnolias and muscadine. Fresh, ripe peaches and inviting, pillared porches. Follow the oak-lined streets to the endless delights awaiting in the genteel South. Beginning and ending in Atlanta, this southern U.S.
GLOBUS 2020/2021: Polish Escape (KCPX) from $999.00 (USD)
Discover remarkable culture and history on your guided tour of Poland. Escape for nine days in the affordable and less-crowded off season to explore this country rich in proud tradition.
GLOBUS 2021: Kenya & Tanzania: The Safari Experience with Zanzibar (QBE) from $7,839.00 (USD)
Africa conjures up dreamy images of mystical mountains, savanna grasslands, and endless plains, but for the adventure seeker, it's where the wild things are.
GLOBUS 2021: Kenya: A Classic Safari with Nairobi & Amboseli (QKY) from $5,559.00 (USD)
When's the last time you laughed like a hyena? Pack your khakis, greys, and greens and get ready for the ride of your life-or rides, rather!
GLOBUS 2020/2021: Italian Escape with Romantic Adriatic Cruise (KIKX) from $2,499.00 (USD)
Discover the best of both worlds: get a taste of Italy's passion when you explore Rome, Florence and Venice, then set sail for a 7 night cruise of the Adriatic Sea showing you Mediterranean coastal wonders in Greece, Montenegro and Croatia.
GLOBUS 2021: Alaska's Iditarod (AI) from $2,429.00 (USD)
Come gee! Come haw! Come out for Alaska's best known sporting event.
GLOBUS 2021: Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton (CH) from $2,307.00 (USD)
If you can't take the beat, get out of the kitchen! One of the highlights of a visit to the Canadian Maritimes is the Ceilidh (kay-lee), or kitchen party, a Gaelic celebration of music, dancing, and storytelling.
GLOBUS 2021: Iceland Adventure (ZR) from $3,499.00 (USD)
Iceland is a country known for its natural wonders: glaciers, active volcanoes, black-sand beaches, geothermal areas, roaring rivers, majestic waterfalls, and beautiful lakes.

GLOBUS 2021: Newfoundland & Labrador (CF)
From $2,769.00 (USD)

Mornin' sunshine! Not only are the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador the first to see the sunrise in North America, they're also lucky enough to see floating icebergs, spouting whales, and plunging puffins on a regular basis.

GLOBUS 2021: Scottish Highland Fling (GM)
From $2,699.00 (USD)

This 10-day escorted tour of Scotland's highlands starts with two nights and sightseeing in Edinburgh before crossing Forth Road Bridge to St. Andrews-the home of golf.

GLOBUS 2021: Bourbon, Bridles & Bluegrass (AT)
From $2,549.00 (USD)

When teaching visitors the correct pronunciation of their city, Louisville locals advise to say it like you've had a shot of bourbon, Loo-a-vul.

GLOBUS 2021: Footsteps of Apostle Paul - Faith-Based Travel (TP)
From $2,650.00 (USD)

'For we walk by faith, not by sight,' wrote the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians.

GLOBUS 2021: Kenya & Tanzania: The Safari Experience with Nairobi & Zanzibar (QBY)
From $8,289.00 (USD)

Africa conjures up dreamy images of mystical mountains, savanna grasslands, and endless plains, but for the adventure seeker, it's where the wild things are.
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